PDF module designed for Sitecore

Right now we are finishing off the new PDF Module for Sitecore. If you would like to generate PDF documents from your web pages, and structure them in Books, complete with front page and a table-of-contents, this module is for you.
Right now we are planning to offer the module in 2 versions. The first version will only be able to render single web pages as PDF documents. The second one will also be able to create PDF books from pre-generated PDF documents.

Imagine this setup: You are the web master of the new “United States Constitution” web site. Your site must offer the United States Constituion not only as web pages but also as a complete book. The book must be customer-specific; containing only the chapters selected by the user.

First you set up your web site. The United States Constitution is organized in Sitecore, each chapter has it’s own Sitecore item, sub-chapters are sub-items.

Then you set up a new device, the PDF device. This device renders one complete chapter with sub-chapters as one webpage.

The PDF device is used by the PDF Module to create pre-generated PDF documents stored on the hard-drive of the web server, complete with a table-of-contents for each chapter.
In the PDF module you set up which pages to render as PDF. Your PDF Book needs header and footers, page numbers, date of publishing, some graphics to impress the management and so on. All these elements are added to each page using Layers.

Finally you create a Book page, where your users can select the chapters to add to his or hers own personal copy of the constituion. When presing “Go” your code-behind quickly collects the selected pages and combines then with a frontpage and a table-of-contents containing only the chapters chosen by the user. The book is then streamed to the user, complete with bookmarks and document properties.

About briancaos

Developer at Pentia A/S since 2003. Have developed Web Applications using Sitecore Since Sitecore 4.1.
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3 Responses to PDF module designed for Sitecore

  1. Anonymous says:


    Is your PDF module downloadable?

    Thanks in advance


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  3. briancaos says:

    The PDF Module is available through Pentia A/S. It is available for both Sitecore 5 and Sitecore 6. For further information and pricing, contact Pentia A/S.


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