9 Responses to Get items based on Metadata using Sitecore AdvancedDatabaseCrawler Lucene index

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  3. Abdel says:

    Excellent post! Thanks


  4. Thanks for posting this example. To be honest I didn’t realize the MultiFieldSearchParam was doing a partial field search, so I was about to conclude I was going to have to extend Alex’s module to do just that.


  5. geedubb says:

    Thanks for a good article. Nice to see some documentation on this. Docs are very sparce!

    Can you describe how to use the searchParam.RelatedIds property? I have tried to use parentIds of items etc but never get any results.


  6. tuesdayboozedaykc says:

    For TemplateIDs, is the delimiter a pipe? I’m using:

    searchParam.TemplateIds = “{F05D8987-0241-48A1-A3FE-8F32872867C9}|{3333EF02-EA66-4FEA-8A9B-B82A72C34756}|{91B4744D-B60F-4FA8-A420-E32E4519A1D6}”;

    What I want is results that are one of those 3 templates. If I take off the last 2 GUIDs, it works for all items that are the 1st template. But with all 3, I get no results.


  7. JoshWheelock says:


    Did you ever find a solution to your issue? I’m having a similar problem, with the caveat that if I omit searchParam.TemplateIds I yield results. Otherwise it breaks.


  8. I found AdvancedDatabaseCrawler ok for simple search but not really good for advanced search it’s way too slow. The parser part needs to be rewritten in order to make it fast. the InnerCondition is only for one groupping and at the end you still end up using Lucene.Net.Search.Query againt the Index so why so much overhead for using MultiFieldSearchParam.

    I am in process of making another module and improve the missing part.

    Last but not least, there is no way to ask the current Sitecore Lucene Index NOT to index a single item.


  9. Brian,

    Very informative post. Its very helpful indeed that this module exists, so we don’t have to construct all the queries ourselves. I initially found it a little odd that this wasn’t included with sitecore (as opposed to releasing a separate module). But then in Sitecore 7, a lot of this has been included already.

    I was wondering – do you know how to to startswith queries with these search parameters/refinements?


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