Register local search terms in Sitecore DMS

When installing Sitecore and DMS, Sitecore comes pre-installed with an Executive Insight Dashboard Report that will generate a report containing which search words users have executed in your local search page.

All you need to do is to register a Page Event called “Search” on your search result page:

using Sitecore.Analytics;
using Sitecore.Analytics.Data;

protected void RegisterSearchPageEvent(string searchQuery)
  if (!Tracker.IsActive || Tracker.Visitor == null || Tracker.Visitor.CurrentVisit == null)

  var page = Tracker.Visitor.CurrentVisit.CurrentPage;
  if (Tracker.Visitor.CurrentVisit.PreviousPage != null)
    page = Tracker.Visitor.CurrentVisit.PreviousPage;

  page.Register(new PageEventData("Search")
    Data = searchQuery,
    DataKey = searchQuery.ToLowerInvariant(),
    Text = searchQuery

What happens behind the scenes is that the search terms (the parameter “searchQuery” is registered as a page event on the current page. The page event “Search” is defined in Sitecore:

Page Event "Search"

Page Event “Search”

And a SQL Query Report is defined to get the visits per data query.

SQL Query

SQL Query

And the Executive Dashboard is configured to display the search terms from this SQL Query (you will find the report under “Site Search“):

Dashboard displaying the search terms

Dashboard displaying the search terms

Please note that the report will not display any data below 50 hits, unless you configure this in the .config file located here:


Look for the setting called “MinimumVisitsFilter“. This filter determines how many (or how few) visits are required before they are considered a significance.

In the demo above, I have set the value to “5”:

  <MinimumVisitsFilter value="5" />

Also note that this setting influences every report in the Executive Dashboard, so be careful not to set it too low or it will slow down other reports significantly.




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