Azure ApplicationInsights track custom metrics using the TelemetryClient

The Microsoft.ApplicationInsights nuget package is your code gateway to the Microsoft Application Insights portal, and also to the Azure Monitor universe. You use these tools as a shared place for your log data, telemetry, alerts, diagnostics etc.

The Application Insights comes standard with a vast number of metrics:

Application Insights Standard Metrics

Application Insights Standard Metrics

But you can easily create any metric of your choice.


First you configure a TelemetryClient instance. The InstrumentationKey is the key to your Application Insights instance:

using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights;
using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Extensibility;

namespace MyCode
  public static class ApplicationInsights
    public static TelemetryClient Initialize()
      TelemetryConfiguration configuration = TelemetryConfiguration.Active;
      configuration.InstrumentationKey = "the-application-insights-key";
      return  new TelemetryClient(configuration);


This is a one-line-of-code operation:

public static void TrackProcessMessageCount(TelemetryClient client, int count)
  client.GetMetric("Process message count").TrackValue(count);

The new custom metric is automatically placed in a metric namespace called “azure.applicationinsights“.

The code is used like this:

var TelemetryClient client = ApplicationInsights.TelemetryClient.Initialize();
TrackProcessMessageCount(client, 200);

You can now create a dashboard with your own custom metrics. In this example I have 3 custom metrics, and I have chosen a bar chart:

Application Insights Metrics

Application Insights Metrics

That’s all there is to it.


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