Which of my old Sitecore posts are still valid in Sitecore 9?

I have been writing Sitecore blog posts since April 2006. The first ones were for Sitecore 4.2. Now, 13 years later, some of the old posts are still valid, while others are obsolete as the Sitecore API have changed.

But which ones will still work on a Sitecore 9 installation?

I have skipped articles on XSLT and very specific WebForms articles. Although XSLT and WebForms are still around and working, no new projects should be based on these technologies.

First the shortlist. These articles are top 10 reads:

  1. LinkManager – Working with URL’s in Sitecore 6
  2. Sitecore.Links.LinkManager and the context
  3. Sitecore: Setting up Security on Languages
  4. Multiple languages in Sitecore
  5. Run Sitecore scheduled task at the same time every day
  6. Sitecore Image Parameters
  7. Create and publish items in Sitecore
  8. Sitecore Links with LinkManager and MediaManager
  9. Sitecore Virtual Users – authenticate users from external systems
  10. Sitecore Scheduled Tasks – Run on certain server instance

This is the list of all articles not specifically written for Sitecore 9 but the code still works. There are almost 60 articles not Sitecore 9 based, but still relevant:












From 2017, Sitecore 9 was the standard, and I started writing articles on Sitecore 9. All articles from 2017 and forward will help you in Sitecore 9 development.


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Developer at Pentia A/S since 2003. Have developed Web Applications using Sitecore Since Sitecore 4.1.
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