Sitecore KeepLockAfterSave – Configuring Security Policies Per-Role Based

Now here is a nifty Sitecore trick. You have probably learned about the AutomaticLockOnSave feature that allows Sitecore to lock an item when it is saved. The feature is enabled or disabled using configuration setting (and can be negated with the inverse AutomaticUnlockOnSaved setting).

But did you know that you can set the lock on save properties on a per-role?

Yes, Sitecore have a section in the core database where a lot of the security properties are stored. Users who have access the a particular item, have that property.

The policies are stored here: /sitecore/system/Settings/Security/Policies

Sitecore Security Policies

For “KeepLockAfterSave“, you will need to modify the config file, and allow Sitecore to read the CORE database setting:

    The "Keep Lock After Save" item is serialized in order to deploy permission on it, 
    making the roles SSTEditor + SSTAdmin unable to read it, thus making them not keep locks on 
    datasource items after doing page editing 
<include name="KeepLockAfterSave" database="core" path="/sitecore/system/Settings/Security/Policies/Page Editor/Keep Lock After Save"/>

To set the property to false for certain groups, block the access to the item for that group:

My manager group does not have access to this item, meaning that the “Keep Lock After Save” is false.


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