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Azure Application Insights – Multiple services from same server

This trick enables you to have multiple services from the same server log to the same Application Insights instance, and at the same time distinguish between each service. In the example above, I have 2 services from the same server. … Continue reading

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Azure Functions – How to retry messages in the poison queue

When working with a scenario where your Microsoft Azure Function reads data from a queue, your azure functions is automatically triggered when an entry is added to the queue you wish to read from. The SDK will call your function … Continue reading

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Azure API Management configure CORS in the policy

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows a user agent gain permission to access a web- or REST service from a server on a different domain than the site currently in use. Modern browsers does not allow websites with Javascript that calls … Continue reading

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Webhook Event Receiver with Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure Functions is a solution to run small pieces of code in the cloud. If your code is very small and have only one purpose, an Azure Function could be the cost effective solution. This is an example of … Continue reading

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