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Sitecore PostSessionEndPipeline failed – MongoDB.Driver.MongoQueryException

In my (huge) Sitecore solution we experienced the following error: ERROR PostSessionEndPipeline failed. Exception: MongoDB.Driver.MongoQueryException Message: QueryFailure flag was Runner error: Overflow sort stage buffered data usage of 33570904 bytes exceeds internal limit of 33554432 bytes (response was { “$err” … Continue reading


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Sitecore Contacts – Create and save contacts to and from xDB (MongoDB)

The Sitecore Contact is the cornerstone of the Sitecore Experience Platform and is the place where you store every data you know about any contact, named and anonymous. UPDATE: 09-09-2016: CreateContact Updated: Thanks to moginheden for the update. UPDATE: 27-09-2016: … Continue reading

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Sitecore register page events

A Page Event in Sitecore is a way of tracking when a user have reached a goal by executing a call to action on a specific page, for example: Downloaded a brochure Clicked your banner Done a search A page … Continue reading

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Programming for Sitecore DMS Engagement Plans

Sitecore DMS Engagement plans allow you to control some of the specific ways in which your website interacts and communicates with the visitors to your website. Think of engagement plans as a configurable flow state engine. It allows you to … Continue reading

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Sitecore DMS uses master database per default

This one was identified by my colleague Thomas Stern. The Sitecore Digital Marketing System (formerly known as Sitecore OMS, affectionally known as Sitecore Analytics) uses the master database per default as its lookup database. This is great for people who … Continue reading

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Get last visited pages from a Sitecore DMS (OMS) Profile

Quite a few Sitecore developers have wondered how to get any useful information out of the Sitecore DMS (Digital Marketing System), formerly known as Sitecore OMS (Online Marketing Suite). I’ll call it the Sitecore Analytics, since the namespace is Sitecore.Analytics. … Continue reading

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