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C# Log to Application Insights and File from your .NET 6 Application

So why would you ever log to Application Insights AND File log at the same time? Well, if you are hosting your own applications on your own machine, it can be great to have a file version of what’s happened. … Continue reading

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Filtering Application Insights telemetry using a ITelemetryProcessor

Application Insights is a wonderful tool. Especially when you have a microservice or multi-application environment and you need one place for all the logs and metrics. But it’s not free, and the costs can run wild if you are not … Continue reading

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.NET Core Worker Services with Application Insights and Serilog

The .NET Core Worker service is yet another tool in the .NET toolbox. They are perfect for background processing like reading from a queue or making health checks. They are cross-platform (of course) and they can run on docker containers, … Continue reading

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Application Insights not working in .NET Core Console Application – Remember to flush the TelemetryClient

My .NET Core console application did not write to my Application Insights instance. Well, it did, but only sometimes. Writing to Application Insights is done asynchronously, usually every 30 seconds or 500 items. This means that you need to give … Continue reading

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Sitecore and Application Insights – How to remove 90% of all log lines without sacrificing traceability

In this article I will explain how you can remove up to 90% of all log lines from the Application Insights log, but still keep every log line in the file log. All of this without loosing any important information. … Continue reading

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Sitecore use Application Insights Metrics and Telemetry

Although Sitecore have an integration for Application Insights (which is part of Azure Monitor), you can implement the TelemetryClient yourself. This is useful if you wish to log Metrics or Trace your own code, without involving the complete Sitecore solution. … Continue reading


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Azure ApplicationInsights track custom metrics using the TelemetryClient

The Microsoft.ApplicationInsights nuget package is your code gateway to the Microsoft Application Insights portal, and also to the Azure Monitor universe. You use these tools as a shared place for your log data, telemetry, alerts, diagnostics etc. The Application Insights comes … Continue reading

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Azure Application Insights – Multiple services from same server

This trick enables you to have multiple services from the same server log to the same Application Insights instance, and at the same time distinguish between each service. In the example above, I have 2 services from the same server. … Continue reading

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