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Azure Functions CRON expressions

When creating Microsoft Azure Functions, you can have a timer that triggers your function. The time for when the function should run is specified in a CRON expression: The CRON format is widely used in UNIX environments, so therefore a … Continue reading

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Read from Azure Queue with Azure WebJobs 3.0 and .NET Core

From WebJobs 2.0 to WebJobs 3.0 Microsoft have completely rewritten the way Azure WebJobs is used. The reasons are probably noble, but they require you to redo your work when upgrading. So I made this template that allows me to … Continue reading

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Read blob file from Microsoft Azure Storage with .NET Core

In order to read a blob file from a Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, you need to know the following: The storage account connection string. This is the long string that looks like this: DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https; AccountName=someaccounfname; AccountKey=AVeryLongCrypticalStringThatContainsALotOfChars== The blob storage container … Continue reading

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Azure ApplicationInsights track custom metrics using the TelemetryClient

The Microsoft.ApplicationInsights nuget package is your code gateway to the Microsoft Application Insights portal, and also to the Azure Monitor universe. You use these tools as a shared place for your log data, telemetry, alerts, diagnostics etc. The Application Insights comes … Continue reading

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Webhook Event Receiver with Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure Functions is a solution to run small pieces of code in the cloud. If your code is very small and have only one purpose, an Azure Function could be the cost effective solution. This is an example of … Continue reading

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Requesting Azure API Management URL’s

The Azure API Management is a scalable and secure API gateway/proxy/cache where you can expose your API’s externally and still have secure access. In Azure API Management you create a “Product” which is a collection of API’s that is protected … Continue reading

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Sitecore Media Library integration with Azure CDN using origin pull

If your Sitecore website is heavy on content from the media library you can offload your Sitecore instances by allowing images to be retrieved from a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you use Microsoft Azure, you do not need to … Continue reading

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Azure CloudQueue, Get and Set Json using Newtonsoft.Json and Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage

The Microsoft Azure Cloud have a nice simple Queue mechanism in their Azure Storage where you can store up to 64 kb of data for up to 7 days. The queue is very easy to set up and very easy … Continue reading

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