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Sitecore from Rendering to Experience Editor

In Sitecore, how do you set up a template  and a rendering that works in the Experience editor? Here is the checklist: STEP 1: CREATE A TEMPLATE Create the template. For each field, use the “Title” field for all of … Continue reading

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Avoid the use of Sitecore.Context.Item

Or: How Sitecore DMS and Personalization killed the Sitecore.Context.Item. This post is about how to properly ensure that you get data from the correct item when you develop websites that can be personalized. The Sitecore.Context.Item returns the current item, i.e. … Continue reading


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Create components for Sitecore Page Editor

This quick tutorial will guide you trough your first Sitecore Page Editable Component. The Sitecore Page Editor is build around the concept of components. A component is a reusable piece of data that is parred with a sublayout and placed … Continue reading

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Get the Sitecore Sublayout from your .aspx page (Usercontrol)

How do you get the Sitecore Sublayout from a Usercontrol? A Sitecore Sublayout (Sitecore.Web.UI.WebControls.Sublayout) is a container for your Usercontrol (.ascx) page. Therefore the Sublayout is retrieved by typecasting the parent to a Sublayout: Having the Sublayout in hand enables … Continue reading

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Applying datasource to sublayouts on Sitecore items

In Sitecore you can apply a datasource to a sublayout when adding it to a template/item. But the datasource is not automatically used. Your context will not change to the item specified in the datasource. The datasource is therefore not … Continue reading

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