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Sitecore Object of type ‘System.Runtime.Serialization.TypeLoadExceptionHolder’ cannot be converted to type ‘Sitecore.Analytics.Model.Framework.IFacet’.

When deleting or refactoring Sitecore Contact Facets, and when using a Shared Session Manager, this error can exhaust your solution to the point where the IIS recycles: ERROR Error executing the session end callback. Id: dd7b0466-af93-4130-a388-9e9eca9c0839 Exception: System.ArgumentException Message: Object … Continue reading

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Sitecore Rule – Personalize based on any field in any facet in your Contact

This Sitecore Personalization Rule was developed by my colleague Martin Rygaard with the purpose of being able to personalize on any field in any facet on a contact. STEP 1: CREATE THE CONDITION Create a new “Condition” below /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Elements/??? The text … Continue reading

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Sitecore List Manager – Add Contacts to EXM Lists

This is yet another post on the focal point of Sitecore 8: Contacts. The contact repository is a multi-usage storage of user information, from visitors (named and anonymous) to imported email addresses to be used in email campaigns. The Sitecore … Continue reading

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