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Waiting for gg.google.com

I am developing a Google Maps module for Sitecore, and when I test it in Firefox my Google Javascript won’t load. All I get is: “Waiting for gg.google.com…”. It seemes to be a problem with certain versions of Firefox and Firebug. If Firebug … Continue reading


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Firefox only prints first page of contents

It seems that there is a bug loose from the dawn of Firefox that disables printing of other pages but the first one on certain websites. Several solutions have been suggested, but none of them worked for me. Then I approached the … Continue reading

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Vertical scroll bar in Firefox

The vertical scroll bar in Firefox is a menace. Internet Explorer just grays it out when there is no need for scrolling. Firefox removes it, making the design “jump” from side to side when swiching pages. I have customers calling … Continue reading

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