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IE9 makes Sitecore crash when uploading using flash upload

First I thought this was a Sitecore issue. Then I beileved it to be a Internet Explorer 9 issue. But it’s really a Macromedia Flash issue. Flash has an issue with modal browser windows in Internet Explorer 9. When a … Continue reading

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Parameters in flashVars

The flashVars is a method of passing variables to a SWF file. FlashVars is a name/value collection seperated using ampersands (&): The example above is a fictive example embedding a videplayer. The videoplayer takes 2 parameters, the video name and … Continue reading

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HTML on top of Flash

It is pretty easy to place HTML on top of Flash. Or at least I though so. In order to allow HTML content to be written on top of Flash content, you must apply the “wmode=opaque” (or “wmode=transparent“) parameter to … Continue reading

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