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Using Notepad++ to mask email address for GDPR reasons

With the new GDPR rules enforced in Europe, shipping log files containing personal information (including email addresses) to 3rd parties are a no-go. Unless you have a signed controller/processor agreement of course, which no one has, as this gives them legal … Continue reading

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SHA256 hashing email addresses for GDPR reasons

This is a followup on the previous post C# Mask email address for GDPR reasons, where user Inspector Cluedget pointed out that masking (replacing characters with *) an email address in the log file is the least safest of the data masking … Continue reading

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C# Mask email address for GDPR reasons

UPDATE 2018-08-10: See this post SHA256 hashing email addresses for GDPR reasons for an even better masking approcah. Thanks to Inspector Cluedget for the tip. This is a C# extension method that will mask your email address following this pattern: If it’s … Continue reading

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