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.NET Session state is not thread safe

When working with the .NET session state you should bear in mind that the HttpContext.Current.Session cannot be transferred to another thread. Imagine that you, from the Global.asax would like to read the SessionID each time a session is started: To … Continue reading

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Why is session NULL in BeginRequest()? (httpRequestBegin)

Have you ever wondered why the session is NULL when a request begins? The answer is simple: The Application_BeginRequest() event is fired before the Session_Start() event. The BeginRequest() event is fired for each request as the first event. The Session_Start() … Continue reading

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Measuring sessions for Sitecore 6 sites

I recently had to do some performance and stress tests on a Sitecore 6 website. But no matter what I did, the Perfmon showed 0 sessions. At first I blamed the built in session handling in Sitecore, where Sitecore persists the … Continue reading

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