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Get Users from IdentityServer using .NET Core

If you wish to poke around in the IdentityServer users database directly, the API seems a little bit fishy. This is because the direct data access are very low level, and consists of HttpClient extension methods. They are, in fact, … Continue reading

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HttpClient follow 302 redirects with .NET Core

The HttpClient in .NET Core will not automatically follow a 302 (or 301) redirect. You need to specify that you allow this. use the HttpClientHandler to do this: Now your code will follow up to 2 redirections. Please note that … Continue reading

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HttpClient retry on HTTP timeout with Polly and IHttpClientBuilder

The Polly retry library and the IHttpClientBuilder is a match made in heaven as it defines all the retry logic at startup. The actual HttpClient  calls are therefore untouched by any retry code. The retry logic is called policies, and … Continue reading

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Add a UserAgent to the IHttpClientFactory in .NET Core

Using a IHttpClientFactory to create HttpClient connections have a number of advantages, as you can configure several httpclients on startup. Each client will be reused, including the properties attached to that client. In a previous post I showed how to … Continue reading


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HttpClient retry mechanism with .NET Core, Polly and IHttpClientFactory

A lot of HttpClient errors are temporary and is caused by server overload, temporary nerwork timeouts and generic gliches in the Matrix. These scenarios can be dealt with using a retry pattern. In .NET Core, the most common retry library … Continue reading

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C# HttpClient POST or PUT Json with content type application/json

The HttpClient is a nifty tool for getting and sending data to a URL, but it works differently from the old fashioned WebRequest class. The content type is added to the post data instead of added as a header parameter. … Continue reading

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Using C# HttpClient from Sync and Async code

The .NEt 4.5 C# System.Net.Http.HttpClient() is a very nice http client implementation, but can be tricky to use if you (like me) are not a trained asynchronous programming coder. So here is a quick cheat sheet on how to work … Continue reading

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