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Sitecore remove “Job started” and “Job ended” from log files

In large Sitecore installations with many background tasks you will find the following log lines over and over again: ManagedPoolThread #1 10:26:05 INFO Job started: xxxxx ManagedPoolThread #5 10:26:05 INFO Job ended: xxxxx (units processed: ) This is the Sitecore … Continue reading

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Sitecore Job Viewer – see what Sitecore is doing in the background

This simple .aspx page has become one of my most used tools when working with Sitecore. It’s a job viewer, displaying which jobs are running and which jobs are finished: A Sitecore job is a thread running in the background. … Continue reading

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Using Sitecore Jobs

Sitecore contains a job system, allowing you to start and run jobs in the background. Jobs are perfect for long running operations. Scheduled tasks is jobs that is started at certain time. Jobs have no HttpContext and, depending on how … Continue reading

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