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Sitecore Language selector – creating a country selector

This is a little nifty thing I developed recently. I developed a small UserControl that displays all the flags from the languages in Sitecore, enabling me to create a list of clickable flags that will make the website switch language. … Continue reading

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Creating fallback values using the RenderField pipeline

I have previously shown my support for pipelines in Sitecore and I have used pipelines to modify the request header, to create contenteditor warnings, and I have shown how to add parameters to pipelines. Here is another pipeline trick: Using … Continue reading

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Sitecore: Setting up Security on Languages

When you start to dig into the Sitecore security model, it is very understandable that large multinational corporations are using Sitecore, because Sitecore allows you to create a very granular security setup. UPDATE 2017-11-24: This article applies to Sitecore 6, … Continue reading

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Multiple languages in Sitecore

My previous post was about multi site solutions in Sitecore. Now I want to talk about multiple languages. Sitecore is capable of using more than one language in one site. Languages are defined under /sitecore/system/languages: Switching language in a Sitecore … Continue reading

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Sitecore 5.2: Copy from one language to another

This piece of code moves all fields from one language to another. It is a sample code, so it is hardcoded to move from danish to swedish. Change the code to use your languages before using it:

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Sitecore : Changing language removes your parameters

Sitecore 4 have the simplest way of choosing language. Just add a link with the parameter ?lg=language (where language is the language to switch to, DA for example). Many of my websites is multilanguage sites. At the top of each … Continue reading

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