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Sitecore open internal links in new window

Frequent users of Sitecore have already noticed that the “Insert Sitecore Link” dialog does not have a target selector: Yes it’s true, if you wish to open an internal link in a new windows, it’s a 2 step process. First … Continue reading

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Sitecore links in multisite solutions – SiteResolving

One of the key features in Sitecore is that you can have multiple sites in the same installation. This is not just about saving money on licenses. The feature allows you to, for example, operate one main website and a … Continue reading

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Sitecore.Links.LinkManager and the context

A new feature in Sitecore 6 is the LinkManager. Previously, in Sitecore 5, in order to get a friendly url (an URL with the .aspx extension) you would write the following: In Sitecore 6, the GetFriendlyUrl() is deprecated. Instead we … Continue reading

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Sitecore 5.3: Those darn links

The new link field in Sitecore 5.3 i pretty cool. You can inset links/media library links/external links and so on by choosing the appropriate link style from the context menu. Choosing the correct link type from the context menu allows … Continue reading

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