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C# List Batch – Breaking an IEnumerable into batches with .NET

There are several ways of batching lists and enumerables with C#. Here are 3 ways: METHOD 1: USING MoreLINQ MoreLINQ is an extension package for LINQ that implements yet another set of useful LINQ expressions like Shuffle, Pad, and Batch. … Continue reading

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C# Lists in Lists – Getting all inner values, or the unique inner values

Getting the inner value of a list inside a list can seem complicated in C#, but LINQ makes it easier. But first let’s make a list in a class, and then make a list of the class with the list … Continue reading

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C# Remove Duplicates from List with LINQ

C# LINQ do have a Distinct() method that works on simple types: For non-simple types, you have 2 options, but first lets make a non-simple type, a class: OPTION 1: IMPLEMENT AN EQUALITYCOMPARER The equalitycomparer is a class that is … Continue reading

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Sitecore List Manager – Add Contacts to EXM Lists

This is yet another post on the focal point of Sitecore 8: Contacts. The contact repository is a multi-usage storage of user information, from visitors (named and anonymous) to imported email addresses to be used in email campaigns. The Sitecore … Continue reading

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