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Sitecore KeepLockAfterSave – Configuring Security Policies Per-Role Based

Now here is a nifty Sitecore trick. You have probably learned about the AutomaticLockOnSave feature that allows Sitecore to lock an item when it is saved. The feature is enabled or disabled using configuration setting (and can be negated with … Continue reading

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Sitecore disable automatic lock on create items

From Sitecore 9, Sitecore changed the default behavior when creating items in the content editor. As per default, any item is locked when created, and will only be unlocked if the user unlocks it, or the user saves the item, … Continue reading

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Unlock sitecore items

Some of my users would like to be able to unlock other users items. This is impossible unless you are an administrator. So I created a new button for the users. This is how it’s done. First you have to … Continue reading

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