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Sitecore media library missing PDF icons

When uploading PDF (or Word/Excel/…) documents to the Sitecore media library, the PDF icon is not shown: In this case it is only my test server that is not showing the icons. My local development machine (my own laptop) displays … Continue reading

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Open Media Library from Sitecore Page Editor

This article describes how you can add your own button to the Sitecore Page Editor. In a previous post I explained how to edit hidden fields in the Page Editor. This post is about managing media contents, and to do … Continue reading

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Replacing mediaitems in Sitecore

This tip is from one of my colleagues Frederik Örnfelt who read my post about Adding a file to the Sitecore Media Library. But instead of adding files, he simply wanted to replace one item with another. Replacing media items … Continue reading

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Adding a file to the Sitecore Media Library programatically

I thought it was tricky to read a file from disk and add it to the Sitecore media library untill I actually look into it. Sitecore has introduced 2 classes to help with the creation: The Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaCreator and the Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaCreatorOptions.  The … Continue reading


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Media Library file names. Tired of guids?

Have you noticed that when uploading files to the media library, sometimes the resulting file name is a guid? If I upload an image, say Brian.jpg, I need to write ~/media/9B62BB56FD6040FAA56C6DB1D8A0BDE6.ashx in order to acces it from the front end. And … Continue reading

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