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Sitecore Paging SOLR Responses

When querying Sitecore items from the SOLR index, you do not need to get all items in one go. In fact, the default SOLR implementation will stop at 5000 returned items, so for large queries, you need to use the … Continue reading

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Create a Google Style paging component in C#

Several years ago I wrote a an article about Creating a Google Style paging component in XSLT. Some users pointed out to me that the paging component wasn’t exactly Google style. Especially using the arrows didn’t comply with how Google … Continue reading


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Create a Google style paging component in XSLT

I’ve noticed how most of the Sitecore blogs takes up relatively advanced topics on Sitecore, so I’ve decided to share with you some of my more simpler tricks. This article is meant as a tutorial.  This is a small XSLT I’ve … Continue reading

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