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Sitecore Pipelines – The great walkthrough

I have previously stated my enthusiasm for the Sitecore Pipeline concept. This article describes how to create your own, how to add parameters, and which properties to use. WHAT IS A SITECORE PIPELINE? It is best described as a simple … Continue reading

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Sitecore Measure Pipeline performance and profile processors

In Sitecore, Pipelines are by far my favorite dependency injection pattern, and I have used them since Sitecore 5. One of the secret features of pipelines are the built in profiling. Oh, yes, by flipping 2 switches you can measure the … Continue reading

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Sitecore 404 without 302

It’s a well known issue that when Sitecore displays a 404 page, it’s done by doing a 302 redirect to the 404 page, hence the 302 status code is thrown before the 404. The behavior is partially because of the … Continue reading

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Initial field values for Sitecore – Setting a default future date

You all know that you can insert the node name in a text field by writing $name in the __Standard Values: This will fill in the node name when the item is created. Sitecore has more of those built in: … Continue reading

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Creating fallback values using the RenderField pipeline

I have previously shown my support for pipelines in Sitecore and I have used pipelines to modify the request header, to create contenteditor warnings, and I have shown how to add parameters to pipelines. Here is another pipeline trick: Using … Continue reading

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Allowing Google to sort your web pages by date

This article refers to the Google Search Appliance (GSA).  But since GSA and http://www.google.com is based on the same algorithms, it is very likely that it also applies to the general Google search as well. The Google Search Appliance allows you to … Continue reading

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Deleting items to recycle bin in Sitecore

There are several ways to delete an item in Sitecore programatically. The simplest is to use the item.Delete() function: This, however will delete the item entirely, not move it to the recycle bin. Instead you should use the item.Recycle(): You could … Continue reading


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Parameters in Sitecore Pipelines

The Sitecore pipeline is another of Sitecore’s code gems that allows you to create a customizable sequence of functions to be performed on your code. Sitecore itself has a vast number of pipelines that processes information, for example the renderField … Continue reading

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Create your own ContentEditorWarnings in Sitecore

A ContentEditorWarning is the yellow box at the top of the Sitecore content editor. This box can be used for numerous purposes. Sitecore itself uses it if you have no access to the item, for workflow messages, protected items etc. … Continue reading

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