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Sitecore custom cache that is cleared on publish

In this article I will demonstrate how to create a custom Sitecore cache and how to ensure that it is cleared when you publish. First I will create the simplest custom cache available: The cache is instantiated with a name, … Continue reading

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Sitecore Publish Queue

The Sitecore publish queue contains the historical and current items that needs to be published. Every time an item is ready to be published (when you save changes, or the item becomes publishable from a workflow) it is added to … Continue reading

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Create and publish items in Sitecore

Sometimes Sitecore blogs tend to forget to describe the (for the experienced user) trivial tasks and jump right into the advanced (and fun) stuff. Today I got this (trivial?) question: How do you insert an item into Sitecore? Well that’s easy – if … Continue reading

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