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Sitecore from Rendering to Experience Editor

In Sitecore, how do you set up a template  and a rendering that works in the Experience editor? Here is the checklist: STEP 1: CREATE A TEMPLATE Create the template. For each field, use the “Title” field for all of … Continue reading

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Sitecore locating sublayouts on your webpage

This is a followup from the post, Get Sitecore placeholders and rendering hierarchy from a Sitecore item, where I adress one of the difficulties when working with pages in Sitecore, that they tend to get very complex as one page may … Continue reading

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Get Sitecore placeholders and rendering hierarchy from a Sitecore item

This article explains how you can get the hierarchy of placeholders and render them to your screen for debugging or documentation purposes. The Sitecore rendering engine allows you to place sublayouts inside placeholders. These sublayouts can contain more placeholders, thus … Continue reading

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