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C# Log to Application Insights and File from your .NET 6 Application

So why would you ever log to Application Insights AND File log at the same time? Well, if you are hosting your own applications on your own machine, it can be great to have a file version of what’s happened. … Continue reading

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.NET Core Worker Services with Application Insights and Serilog

The .NET Core Worker service is yet another tool in the .NET toolbox. They are perfect for background processing like reading from a queue or making health checks. They are cross-platform (of course) and they can run on docker containers, … Continue reading

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Serilog – Add thread ID to the log file

Serilog is more or less the default file logger when developing .NET Core applications. The simple logger can easily be modified to – for example – add the thread ID. FIRST THINGS FIRST: THE SERILOG NUGET PACKAGES You need these … Continue reading

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