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XAML (SheerUI) dialog in Sitecore 6.3.x

One of my recent projects have been a Sitecore Extensions package containing some of our most common tools for Sitecore, and one of these tools is a button to manually start a scheduled task (no more waiting with the debugger … Continue reading

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Sitecore 5.3: Dynamically add headers to SheerUI listviews

Creating shell applications in Sitecore’s SheerUI is rather complex. But once you get the hang of it (= have modified enough existing sample code to get a working application) you can do amazing stuff. Yesterday I had to dynamically alter … Continue reading

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Sitecore: Adding your own buttons to the RichText editor

It’s surprisingly easy to add your own functionality to the Sitecore Rich Text editor. First you need to register your button in Sitecore: /system/settings/Html Editor Profiles/Rich Text Default/Toolbar 1 Duplicate an existing button and you will have added a new … Continue reading


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