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C# SQL Connection Using Azure Managed Identity

Azure Managed Identity is Microsoft’s solution to manage credentials for you, eliminating the need to store usernames, passwords, certificates and other secrets in your config files. Basically, with Managed Identity you establish a trust between a server and a resource. … Continue reading


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Create C# Class from SQL

I hate doing plumbing code. Especially entity model classes that are exact replicas of SQL tables. I do this all the time when using Dapper. So I did some googling and found some SQL statements that you can run in … Continue reading

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Sitecore high CPU usage – is the SQL Session State Provider the villain?

My massive Sitecore 9.1 installation started having CPU spikes, even when the servers did not seem to receive more requests. When CPU spiked, I could see that the requests queue would build up, until it crashed with the following error: … Continue reading

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Sitecore read from Custom Database

It is very easy to read from a custom database in your Sitecore code. STEP 1: ADD THE CONNECTIONSTRING TO CONNECTIONSTRINGS.CONFIG This is an example of a .config file that transforms the connection strings for existing Sitecore databases (like the … Continue reading

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Create a custom Azure Dashboard Tile Using an Azure Function and Markdown Format

The tiles on an Azure Dashboard will only display data from Azure itself. So if you have data from the outside, like a database, you need to make a few workarounds. Now, you cannot make your custom tile as pretty … Continue reading

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C# Using Dapper as your SQL framework in .NET Core

Dapper is a easy to use object mapper for .NET and .NET Core, an it can be used a variety of ways. I use Dapper instead of Entity Framework because it makes my code less complex. BASICS OF DAPPER: THE … Continue reading

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System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘sni.dll’ or one of its dependencies: The specified module could n ot be found. (0x8007007E)

This message happens when deploying my .NET Core 3.1 application to production (when compiling the code to an .exe file), but not when running the application locally. It turns out, that Dapper is missing a reference to System.Data.SqlClient. Adding the … Continue reading

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Improve Sitecore Membership provider performance 2-20 times

Sitecore Membership performance can be increased dramatically by changing stored procedures and create new indexes. Try this before you write your own membership provider. Continue reading

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Sitecore poor database performance

If you experience decreasing performance in your Sitecore solution, it’s not always your fault. And it’s not always Sitecore’s fault either. The database is usually the last place I would look for performance issues. Most performance issues comes from poor XSLT … Continue reading

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