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Sitecore Validators: Validating image width, height and aspect ratio

In my previous post I explained how to use Sitecore Field Validators, and some time ago I explained the basics behind validators. Now it’s time to deliver a real validator: The image validator. Sitecore delivers a ImageSizeValidator, but this validator … Continue reading


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Using Sitecore Field Validators

UPDATE 2019-11-12: This article is still valid for Sitecore 9.x The Sitecore field validators is a set of user-input validators that can be applied to either an item, a specific field type or a specific field on a specific item. Sitecore … Continue reading

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Sitecore 6 Validators

One of the cool features in Sitecore 6 is the ability to include validators on your fields. Any field can contain any number of validators, validating anything from the validity of the HTML to the number of characters in a … Continue reading

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