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XAML (SheerUI) dialog in Sitecore 6.3.x

One of my recent projects have been a Sitecore Extensions package containing some of our most common tools for Sitecore, and one of these tools is a button to manually start a scheduled task (no more waiting with the debugger … Continue reading

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Sitecore Large Gallery Button

Have you noticed the Navigate section in the Sitecore shell? It contains a series of buttons that displays customized drop-downs. These drop downs are called Galleries. Galleries are custom XAML forms triggered by the Large Gallery Button. Creating a Gallery differs … Continue reading


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Sitecore 5.3: Dynamically add headers to SheerUI listviews

Creating shell applications in Sitecore’s SheerUI is rather complex. But once you get the hang of it (= have modified enough existing sample code to get a working application) you can do amazing stuff. Yesterday I had to dynamically alter … Continue reading

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