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Using full Lucene Query Syntax in Azure Search

The Azure Cognitive Search is the search engine in Microsoft Azure. You can search using a simple queries (default) which is good at doing full text searches, or you can use full syntax which is a Lucene query syntax. The … Continue reading

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Manipulating XML Google Merchant Data using C# and LINQ

Receiving a Google Merchant Data feed (also known as a Google Product Feed) can be fairly easily manipulated on import time using a little C# and LINQ. The feed is basically a XML RSS 2.0 feed with some added properties … Continue reading

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Because this call is not awaited, execution of the current method continues before the call is completed. Consider applying the ‘await’ operator to the result of the call

This C# warning occurs if you call an async method from your non-async code. Imagine you have this imaginary async method: And you call the method from this imaginary non-async method: The compiler will warn you with the following message: … Continue reading

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C# Mask email address for GDPR reasons

UPDATE 2018-08-10: See this post SHA256 hashing email addresses for GDPR reasons for an even better masking approcah. Thanks to Inspector Cluedget for the tip. This is a C# extension method that will mask your email address following this pattern: If it’s … Continue reading

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Creating dynamic arrays and lists using Dynamic and ExpandoObject in C#

In this previous post, C# Using Newtonsoft and dynamic ExpandoObject to convert one Json to another, I described how you can use the dynamic keyword and the ExpandoObject class to quickly transform JSON without the need for any concrete implementations of … Continue reading

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Add text to asp:ValidationSummary (C#)

This trick is especially useful when you have custom code to be executed after your form have been submitted, and still wishes to communicate an error the same way as you communicate form validation errors. Imagine the following ValidationSummary: Any … Continue reading

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Reading mails using IMAP and MailSystem.NET

In this article I will describe how you can use C# and MailSystem.NET to read mails from any IMAP source, including GMail. MailSystem.NET is a Open Source, GNU Library General Public Licensed library for managing emails using SMTP, POP3, IMAP … Continue reading

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Creating a tree like left menu in Sitecore using UserControls and C#

This post is a follow-up on the article on how to create a tree like left menu in Sitecore using XSLT. This time I will not use XSLT to create my left menu, but instead I will use C# and … Continue reading

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Using modal windows from C# code

“In user interface design, a modal window is a child window that requires the user to interact with it before they can return to operating the parent application, thus preventing the workflow on the application main window. Modal windows are … Continue reading

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