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Write to SOLR from .NET Core

.NET Core supports the SOLR index through the SolrNet.Core NuGet packages. Here is how you update the index. STEP 1: THE NUGET PACKAGES You need the following NuGet packages: SolrNet.Core SolrNet.Microsoft.DependencyInjection STEP 2: CREATE A MODEL CLASS CONTAINING THE PROPERTIES … Continue reading


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Sitecore ContentSearch – Get items from SOLR or Lucene – A base class implementation

Reading items from Sitecore is pretty straight forward: And it is fast, unless you need to retrieve items from many paths, or need to retrieve every child of a certain base class. In these situations you resolve to using the … Continue reading

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Searching in multiple columns in Sitecore Ankiro Search

Sitecore Ankiro Search is a nightmare and a blessing. Once you have it going you have one of the most advanced search engines available. One of the cool features is that seperate fields of one Sitecore template can be indexed … Continue reading

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