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Sitecore Users and C#

The Sitecore security framework is based on the .NET security. Managing Authentication, Authorization, User Accounts and Roles can be done using the standard System.Web.Security namespace. But Sitecore also provides its own Security framework that you can use for easy manipulation … Continue reading

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Sitecore: Setting up Security on Languages

When you start to dig into the Sitecore security model, it is very understandable that large multinational corporations are using Sitecore, because Sitecore allows you to create a very granular security setup. UPDATE 2017-11-24: This article applies to Sitecore 6, … Continue reading

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Sitecore: Assigning Security to items from code

When Sitecore 6 came out, Sitecore changed the Security model dramatically. Sitecore now uses the .net security model, and on top of this they have built a set of classes to help with the assigning of roles and members. UPDATE 2017-11-24: … Continue reading

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