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Sitecore create custom Content Editor Warnings using Conditions and Rules

The Content Editor Warnings are these yellow boxes that hover over your content in the Content Editor in Sitecore: In the old days we would make them by hooking into the getContentEditorWarnings pipeline. Nowadays we use the Sitecore Rules engine. … Continue reading

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Sitecore Rule – Personalize based on any field in any facet in your Contact

This Sitecore Personalization Rule was developed by my colleague Martin Rygaard with the purpose of being able to personalize on any field in any facet on a contact. STEP 1: CREATE THE CONDITION Create a new “Condition” below /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Elements/??? The text … Continue reading


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Custom rules and conditions for Sitecore personalization

In Sitecore it is possible to change the sublayouts or data sources on a page depending on conditions. This means that users can see the same page differently, depending on a set of rules. Sitecore comes standard with a set of standard … Continue reading

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Using Sitecore Field Validators

UPDATE 2019-11-12: This article is still valid for Sitecore 9.x The Sitecore field validators is a set of user-input validators that can be applied to either an item, a specific field type or a specific field on a specific item. Sitecore … Continue reading

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