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Sitecore 9 Caching – Sitecore.Caching.CacheManager.GetAllCaches() changed from Sitecore 8

With the increased use of dependency injection, in Sitecore, some classes do no longer return concrete classes, but interfaces instead. You therefore need to change your code, if you use the Sitecore.Caching.CacheManager. The Sitecore.Caching.Cache class is retired and have been replaced … Continue reading

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Sitecore Postbacks not working? Contents not updated on button click? Try removing caching from your rendering

This is a classic Sitecore blunder – suddenly postbacks or button clicks have no effect, as if the web site no longer are connected to your webforms codebehind or the MVC renderings. And you have not changed any code. But … Continue reading

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Sitecore sublayout caching vary by cookie

In Sitecore you can control the caching of your sublayouts in many different ways. Checking the “Cacheable” box allows you you vary the cache by data (data source), device, login (anonymous users have a different cached version from named users), … Continue reading

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