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Open Media Library from Sitecore Page Editor

This article describes how you can add your own button to the Sitecore Page Editor. In a previous post I explained how to edit hidden fields in the Page Editor. This post is about managing media contents, and to do … Continue reading

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Edit hidden fields in Sitecore page editor

As the Sitecore Page Editor (also known as the Unified Page Editor) is getting better and better, the demand for “page edit only” solutions grow. Customers are seeking solutions where the page editor is the only tool used to edit … Continue reading

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XAML (SheerUI) dialog in Sitecore 6.3.x

One of my recent projects have been a Sitecore Extensions package containing some of our most common tools for Sitecore, and one of these tools is a button to manually start a scheduled task (no more waiting with the debugger … Continue reading

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Sitecore Large Gallery Button

Have you noticed the Navigate section in the Sitecore shell? It contains a series of buttons that displays customized drop-downs. These drop downs are called Galleries. Galleries are custom XAML forms triggered by the Large Gallery Button. Creating a Gallery differs … Continue reading


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Unlock sitecore items

Some of my users would like to be able to unlock other users items. This is impossible unless you are an administrator. So I created a new button for the users. This is how it’s done. First you have to … Continue reading

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