HttpClient follow 302 redirects with .NET Core

The HttpClient in .NET Core will not automatically follow a 302 (or 301) redirect. You need to specify that you allow this. use the HttpClientHandler to do this:

private static HttpClient _httpClient = new HttpClient(
    new HttpClientHandler 
        AllowAutoRedirect = true, 
        MaxAutomaticRedirections = 2 

Now your code will follow up to 2 redirections. Please note that a redirect from a HTTPS to HTTP is not allowed.

You can now grab the contents even from a redirected URL:

public static async Task<string> GetRss()
    // The /rss returns a 301 Moved Permanently, but my code will redirect to 
    // /feed and return the contents
    var response = await _httpClient.GetAsync("");
    if (!response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
        throw new Exception($"The requested feed returned an error: {response.StatusCode}");

    var content = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
    return content;


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