Edit hidden fields in Sitecore page editor

As the Sitecore Page Editor (also known as the Unified Page Editor) is getting better and better, the demand for “page edit only” solutions grow. Customers are seeking solutions where the page editor is the only tool used to edit the web site.

Sitecore Unified Page Editor

Sitecore Unified Page Editor

In order to create a solution where the user never opens the Sitecore shell you need to address 2 important issues.

ISSUE #1: Edit multilist fields

The first issue is how to give access to multilist fields, treelist fields, links or other custom fields? This is easily solved using an Edit Frame. Read about Using Sitecore EditFrame in PageEdit here.

ISSUE #2: Edit hidden fields

The next issue is how to give access to non-visual fields like metdata fields, spot selectors, search engine options and the likes?

Here my colleague Thomas Stern (iStern) have come up with a simple yet ingenious solution. He simply opens the Sitecore Field Editor (the editor that the Edit Frame pops) from a button in the toolbar of the Page Editor.

Read iSterns blog post here: Running Sitecore Field Editor from a command.

Image from iStern’s blog

Thanks to Thomas Stern for the solution.



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